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After some 40 years of various voluntary work I resigned my final charity position last December I now intend to do no unpaid work ever again.

After much thought in the month since I quit my last position I have decided it is time to cut all links with the past and that means the closing of this site and others like it.

Over the years I have been used and abused and in some very hurtful episodes down right lied about by people who wanted to be rid of the pain in their side and could not find a legitimate way to do this. Well they have their wish I am gone although over the years I have come to a realisation that despite all the effort and all the work I have achieved nothing, those in power allow what they want when is suits them and take it all back when it suits them.

It has all been wasted time

Some very true old friends and I shall continue to meet on a regular basis for lunch and if anyone wants to join us feel free to let us know.

I shall be continuing with the hobby sites like my photography/football/location sites and hopefully will get around to developing the Bartley Green site I have been promising for a few years.

I shall also be holding onto these domains and not letting them drift away and I shall keep the Carers Week archive alive

Some will remember I like my music and often find a way to express my feelings in others words, when I was betrayed by someone I thought of as friend this was Steve Harley and Come up and see me, today I use Rod Stewart.

"Quietly now while I turn a page
Act one is over without costume change
The principal would like to leave the stage
The crowd don't understand"

This is the new Site for Men who care

Update me when site is updated

Wednesday 11th March 2009